Saturday, January 31, 2009

Zack is such a JERK!

OK, so I was drunken blogging. Who doesn’t occasionally let one fly in a moment of deep despair? Not over the economy, nor the fact that no one seems to want to buy our shirts, but because I have to work with such a JERK!

There are not enough tubes on the interweb to contain the volume of words I have in response to your slanderous posts. Yes, I am on the metaphorical ledge, eating all the peanut butter snacks I can get my hands on. You of all people should know I only do it for attention. I am the numbers guy. I would have to eat roughly…1 million(?) peanut butter cracker sandwiches to remotely increase my chance of coming face to face with Salmon Ella.

But how dare you attack my stature, in case you missed it, Microsoft is laying people off. I could find another screen printer. Don’t worry about being surprised by a reduction in force, if Hiphazard decides to lay anyone off, I will be the first to know… and you will be the second.

1 comment:

  1. Oh shit, don't funk with the masterbater Zack.
    Better to add a bit of topatio to the cream in the masterbatorium.