Thursday, February 5, 2009

GoBama Go...

Man Steve what a blow dealt by our new Prez eh? No more than 500 large for you pal. Actually a $500,000 cap sounds a little too large considering the work that you do as our illustrious chief exec. In fact, if you get anywhere near that number I will personally put a cap in your ass! Wait...
whose the beneficiary if our company goes "headless"? 
 Oh I forgot... That cap only applies if we're getting a government handout. Now there's an idea!
Let's become a bank, force it into ruin and get in line behind these other crooks with our hat in hand. We could buy a luxury jet for making tee shirt deliveries, throw a big Vegas "thank you"
bash for our six customers and get Sarah Palin to give us all lap dances in trade for a big 2012 campaign contribution!

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