Thursday, February 12, 2009


 Watching these bail-out proceedings, CEO floggings at the T.A.R.P. hearings, ranting congressmen, pissed off president, bitching and moaning foreclosure victims, etc...
I can't help but wonder how the military is holding up through all of this. Where's their billions, eh? If anyone needs bailing it's those poor guys and gals wading through the blood, sand and civilian contractors day and night, fighting "the good fight". Where are their private, armored jets to get from one side of the green zone to the other? Oh yeah... half of the fighting is being done from Nevada armchairs behind high def widescreens with joysticks in hand. Hell that sounds like a pretty good job! Maybe the endless hours in front of the game console is finally paying off!
So... Maybe my kid does have a future after all. In honor of those fine, low-flying armchair warriors I am dedicating this new design...  Enjoy.


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